phonemic awareness

Outdoor portrait of a cute young girl reading a book

Why is the alphabetic principle so essential?

Multiple studies have shown the importance of early childhood reading in a child’s life. Kids who are read to gain greater general knowledge, become more fluent readers, and expand their vocabulary, to name a few.

But learning to read can often be a complicated process. So, how can you help your little one develop this essential skill? You can use the alphabetic principle!

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Kindergarten Readiness

It’s back to school season and many young learners are embarking on an entirely new adventure – kindergarten! According to the National Center for Education Statistics, students enter kindergarten at very different skills levels, which is natural given that children may be coming from a variety of early childhood experiences, ranging from highly-skilled-focused pre-K programs, play-based preschools, Head Start, or no preschool at all. An average kindergarten class may have children with a five-year skill range in terms of reading ability, from children who don’t recognize letters or letter sounds to those who can read short books.

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